Straightening Crooked Teeth - Latest Techniques

Clear Braces - The Way Forward for the Reputation of British Teeth?

We are all probably aware of the reputation that this country has for crooked teeth all across the USA. One major reason for this has been our historic reluctance to wear traditional braces, and for good reason, quite simply out, they are obtrusive and unattractive to wear.

Now, however, a new dental revolution is upon us as clear braces become more and more popular and you can now get them at any good dentist in Ealing and most of the other boroughs of London.

Why Wear These and Not 'Normal' Braces?

There are several good reasons to wear clear braces over traditional ones. The main one which comes to most people's minds is the appearance. Made from a clear plastic, clear braces are almost impossible to spot and make the wearers life much easier. A lot of people have found that when wearing traditional braces, their confidence has started to ebb as they were reluctant to smile or speak as they didn't want to reveal them. This can lead to some people feeling isolated.

Are they actually Invisible?

No, quite simply, if they were, once you took them out, you wouldn't find them again, would you? In fact, there is a very faint tint to them but when you have them in your mouth, this is virtually unnoticeable. Most people find that occasionally, close friends may notice them but only after a period of time. For bosses, colleagues etc, your secret is likely to remain so unless you choose to tell therm.

Do I Clean My Teeth with Them In?

No, unlike traditional braces which made life very difficult when it comes to cleaning, these braces can easily be removed for the purposes of cleaning (and flossing) your teeth. This ensures that your teeth are kept in good health during the process. You should also take these out whilst you are eating. This is something that most people do not expect and has made their social life much more pleasurable. Do I wear them 24/7? Ideally, yes you should. Apart from taking them out to clean your teeth or eat, you should wear them the rest of the time. However, flexibility is understandable and if, for example, you have a job interview, you may feel more confident without them so there is no reason why they can't be removed for very occasional situations like that. Do remember however, to replace them as soon as you can.

How Long Does The Whole Process Take?

That really depends on the state of your teeth. It is rare though for the course of treatment to last for more than eighteen months at the outside. Your dentist will be able to advise you what to expect though at your initial consultation.