Straighten Your Teeth in Just Six Months

Modern Orthodontic Options in the UK

The desire to have a straight set of teeth is not new; rudimentary dental braces have been found on archeological digs dating back many centuries and even Hippocrates and Aristotle were known to have discussed ways of obtaining straighter teeth.

Naturally, these early braces are not something that any of us would wear nowadays. In fact, it is only relatively recently that many of us would entertain the idea of wearing dental braces at all, perhaps scarred by memories of the old style metal braces that were popular for so many years. Thankfully, in many cases, these have been supplanted by modern versions such as the Inman Aligner. These modern braces are far superior in many ways to traditional braces but, in most cases, they still have the disadvantage of taking a significant amount of time to do the job that is asked of them.

This is entirely understandable as to ‘speed things up’ would mean putting extra pressure on the teeth to encourage them to move to their desired position but this method could cause potential damage to the very teeth that they were supposed to improve the appearance of.

The Six Month Smile

This brings us to the Six Month Smile. This has developed in response to the need by some, for a faster acting orthodontic which would not damage the teeth. Specifically, this procedure perhaps focuses on the more aesthetic aspect rather than one which is designed to correct misaligned teeth that are causing incorrect bites etc.

In UK wide dental practices, this method is especially popular with those who are concerned about looking their best for a specific purpose; sometimes this may be an important interview or an appearance on TV or film where close up facial shots are likely to be taken. Although the Six Month Smile procedure puts the same amount of pressure on the teeth as other orthodontics, it acts significantly faster, but how does it do this? The answer, quite simply, is that it does so by focusing purely on the visible teeth in the mouth and is not used on the rear teeth. In cases where the rear teeth, which are harder to reposition, need to be corrected, the Inman Aligner would be a better choice, but for repositioning the visible front teeth to give you a better smile, the Six Month Smile is an ideal solution.

Discrete Dental Braces

Like many other modern orthodontics, the Six Month Smile has been developed with discretion in mind and although this method may not be as ‘invisible’ as some other types, great care has been taken to develop it using both smaller and also tooth coloured wires and brackets. Although some systems use ‘invisible’ tray like devices to move teeth, these are less efficient than the standard wire and bracket methods and would therefore take much longer to work. As most users of the Six Month Smile have a specific end date in mind when they want to have their teeth correctly aligned, the use of finer wiring and smaller brackets, both teeth coloured, is a very happy compromise indeed.

Less than 6 Months? Although described as the Six Month Smiles, it should be noted that this is for guidelines only and the actual time taken may be less or more depending on the severity of the misalignment. If you are planning for a special occasion, it is strongly advised that you arrange a consultation well in advance of the six months to ensure that sufficient time is allowed for them to do their job correctly and have your teeth looking great for that special day.