Where to go in Europe for dental implant treatment

Why more people are considering the use of foreign implant dentists for cheaper treatment

There are a number of reasons that people choose to go abroad for their dental implants and other cosmetic dental treatments. The most often cited is that of cost; having dental treatment abroad can significantly reduce a person’s expenditure on their dental care.

Whilst this is the main factor for many people, others also cite the benefit of having a short break and having the time to recover from the procedure. This seems to be especially important for those with a very busy lifestyle, whether that is work or their children. Most cosmetic dentists based in Europe offer a ‘package deal’ which entails not only their dental treatment but also the benefit of a few nights stays in a good quality hotel. So, instead of feeling a little sore after the treatment and having to deal with screaming children or an awkward boss; patients can simply relax in the manner that they prefer; whether this is taking in the sites of a country or simply relaxing by the swimming pool or sea.

European destinations for dental implants

So, where do people choose to go when looking overseas for their dental treatments abroad?  For many years, cheap dental implants were only available in far flung places such as Vietnam. Few took up on this offer as the distance involved was significant and it could be quite tricky to determine the quality of dentistry before you left.

With Europe now opening up to include many Eastern European countries though, the choice for people in the UK is much greater than it used to be. Until recently, Poland has been the most popular choice as it offered high quality dentistry at affordable prices. Whilst this is still true, this now also applies to many other countries, some of which, like Hungary, offer wonderful scenery and environment too. It seems that this, as well as the quality dentistry on offer, is starting to swing the pendulum towards this wonderful country.

Budapest is by far the most likely place for people to go within Hungary. This makes sense as it is the largest city in the country and contains some fantastic architecture and other attractions for the visitor. In fact, a little fewer than 40,000 UK citizens are now thought to travel to Budapest each year for their dental treatment.

The most popular treatment that is undertaken at Hungarian dental clinics is dental implants. Whilst other dental treatments such as teeth whitening are also performed, this is not as popular as it is a relatively affordable treatment in the UK and therefore very little savings are to be made.

Dental implants on the other hand cost a little over £1000 in the UK although this price will vary from practice to practice. In Hungary though, these can cost between £300 and £400; a very significant savings indeed. Take into account too that the flight and accommodation are included in this and you have something of a bargain whilst at the same time making sure that your teeth are kept in tip top condition.