Cosmetic Dentist Nottingham

Living in the beautiful county of Nottinghamshire, you are spoiled for choice if you are looking for a good quality cosmetic dental practice, whether in the city of Nottingham itself, or the wider spaces of Nottinghamshire county. Why not have a look in our Nottingham Cosmetic Dentist listings to find one near to your home.

The following are just a small selection of cosmetic treatments available. Please ask your dentist for a full list of options available.

Orthodontic Treatment
Orthodontic treatment simply means to straighten the teeth (from the Greek orthos meaning 'straight'. This procedure is not only done purely for aesthetic purposes, but also for health reasons as an incorrect bite may lead to future problems with both teeth and the jaw. This is usually corrected by the use of braces and retainers

Invisible Braces
A clear alternative to the old fashioned metal brace that we all know and hate; Invisible braces perform the same function but giving you the confidence to smile without revealing a mouth full of metal. They will be specifically made to fit your teeth and will gradually guide your teeth back into their correct place.

Most dentists are now more sympathetic to nervous patients than in the past, and many can provide sedation to help put a nervous patient at ease. Sedation should not to be confused with a general anaesthetic which puts the patient to sleep, though in some cases a small amount of nitrous oxide may be administered, but may range from relaxation techniques to specific medication to help relax the patient, making their visit more comfortable and relaxed.

Smile Makeover
A smile makeover is a generic term for dental rejuvenation. This is usually done for aesthetic purposes rather than a necessary dental need. The level of treatment needed depends on the individual and may range from a simple scale and polish to replacement of old teeth with dental implants. As well as creating a beautiful smile, a smile makeover can affect the general look of the face, making it appear younger and more healthy.

A bridge is essentially a false tooth. However, this is not in the form of a denture but is attached to the adjoining tooth or teeth using a metal band which is cemented into place. Bridges are considered to be a strong option and should last more than ten years and possibly up to fifteen or more.

Where previously, to produce a crown, an impression of the patient's tooth would have to be made on an initial visit and then sent off to a laboratory for them to produce the crown. This would then be fitted at a subsequent visit to the dentist. Cerec, however, is a manufacturing technique which enables a photographic image of the tooth to be made and a crown is then shaped on site. Once created, the crown will then be fitted on the same day, avoiding a follow up visit to the dentist.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are a modern alternative to dentures and are the ideal replacement for missing teeth. The dental implant, a small titanium rod, is fitted into the jaw bone and integrates fully with the natural bone. After a few months, the implant rod is sufficiently firm to support an abutment (a support collar) and crown. This effectively replaces the missing tooth with a fully functional alternative that also looks natural. For dental implants Derby and Nottingham in the East Midlands, please see our list of dentists.