Ouch! - My tooth hurts!

The main causes of toothache and how to avoid them

It is the rare few of us that have never had toothache, especially in our younger years when we perhaps take less care of our teeth than we should. If we are lucky, we may have got away with a dull ache but for some, the pain can be quite excruciating and leaving the person not sure what to do with there self.

The biggest cause of dental pain is of course tooth decay. This is nearly always caused by long term neglect and leads to damage to the enamel which allows infections to enter the tooth and attack the root and the nerves contained within.

If the damage is severe it is likely that the pain will be felt virtually all of the time whilst lesser damage may only flare up on occasions, often aggravated by hot and cold foods.

If the pain is constant, there is a real danger that the tooth may be in the process of dying and a dentist should be contacted as soon as possible. If left untreated, it is likely that an abscess will be formed and this can be extremely painful indeed.

Even if we do take excellent care of our teeth though, it is not unusual to break a tooth in an accident whether through sports or simply biting something hard accidentally which takes us by surprise and breaks the tooth. Sometimes the damage can be easily seen but sometimes you may feel that you have gotten away with it but there may be a tiny crack which can lead to infections so it is always best to have this checked out by your dentist.

The best way to avoid toothaches and other dental pains is quite simple. If you brush your teeth well twice a day and floss you will go a long way to preventing it. Of course, it is also important to keep regular check up appointments too so that any problems can be spotted early on. If you do this, you should have a relatively pain free experience unless of course you have an accident. This will leave you with great teeth and probably needing little or no actual treatment through your life unless you decide to visit your local dentist for some cosmetic treatment just to make them look better, perhaps for an important occasion.

Whatever you do though, do not ignore toothache, especially if it persists. Pain is a warning sign that something is not right and a prompt visit to your dentist may mean quite a simple procedure. Leaving it for a long period of time on the other hand will lead to the problem becoming bigger and very likely needing a painful and more invasive procedure, something which most of us avoid if we possibly can.